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Abstract Booklet and List of Attendees

Wednesday 17th May

10.30: Arrival and registration (School of Mathematics level 9 Main Reception)

11.00-12.30: First session (Roger Stevens LT 19 (10.19))     Chair: Steve Tobias
11.00: Welcome
11.10: Ramada Sukarmadji (Northumbria University)
"Numerical experiments on the role of Alfvén waves in triggering nanojets"
11.30: Riccardo Vanon (University of Leeds)
"Internal Gravity Waves in intermediate mass stars: age dependence"
11.50: Anna Guseva (University of Leeds)
"Transition to chaos in magnetized Taylor–Couette flow"
12.10: Daining Xiao (Durham University)
"Spherical Winding and Helicity"

12.30-13.30: Lunch (School of Mathematics level 8 MALL 1 & 2)

13.30-15.00: Second session (Roger Stevens LT 19 (10.19))     Chair: Evy Kersalé
13.30: Alban Pothérat (Coventry University)
"Topological constraints in quasi-2D flows and models of planetary cores" (invited talk)
14.20: Rob Teed (University of Glasgow)
"Solenoidal force balances in geodynamo models"
14.40: Krzysztof Mizerski (Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences)
"Non-equilibrium effects in mean-field dynamos"

15.00-15.30: Break (School of Mathematics level 8 MALL 1 & 2)

15.30-17.10: Third session (Roger Stevens LT 19 (10.19))     Chair: Susanne Horn
15.30: Samy Lalloz (Coventry University)
"Characterisation of confined Alfvén waves at low magnetic Reynolds number"
15.50: Daniel Johnson (University of St Andrews)
"The Importance of Coronal Magnetic Null Points on the Thermodynamics of Coronal Heating"
16.10: Emma Hunter (University of Glasgow)
"Magnetoconvection simulations in the Busse annulus model"
16.30: Wayne Arter (UKAEA, Culham)
"Further applications of the Lie-Taylor theory to HD+MHD"
16.50: Andrei Igoshev (University of Leeds)
"Neutron stars with off-centre dipole magnetic fields"

17.10-18.30: Wine & Cheese reception (School of Mathematics level 8 and MALL 1 & 2)

Thursday 18th May

09.30-11.00: Fourth session (Roger Stevens LT 19 (10.19))     Chair: Chris Jones
09.30: Rekha Jain (University of Sheffield)
"Gravito-inertial waves in the solar interior" (invited talk)
10.20: Nils de Vries (University of Leeds)
"Tidal dissipation in Hot Jupiters due to non-linear interactions of the elliptical instability and convection"
10.40: Zhao Guo (University of Cambridge)
"Tidally excited gravity waves in the cores of solar-type stars: resonances and critical-layer formation"

11.00-11.30: Break (School of Mathematics level 8 MALL 1 & 2)

11.30-12.50: Fifth session (Roger Stevens LT 19 (10.19))     Chair: Joanne Mason
11.30: Alexander Kimbley (University of Leeds)
"Nonlinear evolution of axisymmetric instabilities in stellar and planetary atmospheres"
11.50: Junho Park (Coventry University)
"Prandtl number dependence on shear flow instabilities"

12.10: Matt Vine (University of Leeds)
 "Influence of a Magnetic Field on Stellar Internal Waves"
12.30: Matthew McCormack (University of Edinburgh)
"Connecting buoyancy dominated and magnetically dominated regimes in magnetoconvection"

12.50-14.00: Lunch (School of Mathematics level 8 MALL 1 & 2)

14.00-16.00: Sixth session (Roger Stevens LT 19 (10.19))     Chair: Graeme Sarson
14.00: Laura Currie (Durham University)
"Rotation, magnetism and stratification in models of stellar convection" (invited talk)
14.50: Jian Fang (STFC)
"A High-Order Solver for Turbulence, MHD and Particles"
15.10: Stephen Griffiths (University of Leeds)
"Magnetic diffusion and dynamo action in shallow-water MHD"
15.30: Poster presentation session (2 min slides/person)

15.50-16.30: Break (School of Mathematics level 8 MALL 1 & 2)

16.30-17.30: Poster Session (School of Mathematics level 8 MALL 1 & 2)
Scott Hopper (Newcastle University) "Stratified Resistive Tearing Modes"
Velizar Kirkow (University of Exeter) "Modelling instabilities in Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics"
Tom Joshi-Cale (University of Exeter) "Investigating the Effects of Internal Heating and Cooling on Convective Heat Transport"
Parag Gupta (University of Glasgow) "Effects of Radial Variation of Viscosity and Entropy Diffusivity on Convection and Dynamo Action in Rotating Spherical Shells"
Lucas Gosling (University of Leeds) "Variably-Diffusive Magnetic Buoyancy in the Anelastic Regime"
Sam Myers (University of Leeds)  "Linear stability of a parallel 2D MHD flow with an aligned magnetic field"
Craig Duguid (Newcastle University)   "Shear-driven magnetic buoyancy in the solar tachocline: The mean electromotive force due to rotation"
Robert Dymott (University of Leeds)    "Linear and nonlinear evolution of the GSF instability in differentially-rotating stars with arbitrary shears"
Susanne Horn (Coventry University)      " The Elbert Range of Turbulent Rotating Magnetoconvection"
Yue-Kin Tsang (Newcastle University)       "Oscillatory double-diffusive convection in a rotating spherical shell: a preliminary survey"

19.00: Conference Dinner at Brasserie Blanc

Friday 19th May

09.30-11.00: Seventh session (Roger Stevens LT 19 (10.19))     Chair: Radostin Simitev
09.30: Toby Wood (Newcastle University)
"Sound-Proof Models of Magnetic Buoyancy" (invited talk)
10.20: Calum Skene (University of Leeds)
"Magnetohydrodynamic instabilities in the solar tachocline using a numerical anelastic spherical shell model with differential rotation"
10.40: Luke Gostelow (University of Leeds)
"Shear Instabilities in QG Shallow Water MHD"

11.00-11.30: Break (School of Mathematics level 8 MALL 1 & 2)

11.30-13.00: Eighth session (Roger Stevens LT 19 (10.19))     Chair: Paul Bushby
11:30: Ben Snow (University of Exeter)
"Mixing induced cooling in the solar atmosphere"
11:50: Jordan Talbot (Northumbria University)
"Independence of Oscillatory Reconnection Periodicity from Resistivity"
12:10: Oliver Rice (Durham University)
"Eruptivity Criteria of Magnetic Flux Ropes in the Solar Corona"
12:30: Hemanthi Miriyala (Northumbria University)
"Double Mode Conversion In Sunspots"
12:50: Closing remarks and prizes

13.00-14.00: Lunch (School of Mathematics level 9 Reading Room)